About the Founder

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Darwin IT Strategies was founded by Darwin Rosario in 2006 to fill the need for business and Information Technology consultants who understand a client's challenges in the ever-changing business environment. By addressing both the need to run leaner and more efficiently, and the need to add more value to products and services, he helps transform and automate businesses, and designs effective automated solutions to achieve his clients' objectives.

Darwin has worked in a number of industries including stock trading, banking, insurance, health management, search engine software, market research, utilities and education. This breadth of experience exposed him to numerous business environments, business strategies and solutions to business challenges. This allows him to consider multiple perspectives when proposing the most effective approach to achieve his client's goals. He has experience with a large number of software tools, and has a track record of designing and creating business solutions under budget and on time.

Darwin has experience as a software developer, quality assurance analyst, applications designer, systems analyst, business analyst, project manager and solutions architect. His strengths are thinking in terms of business issues and challenges, communicating effectively with both business and technical personnel, and getting diverse teams to work together cohesively. He has a unique ability to identify the root causes of an issue, and to determine when the problem presented is actually the result of another issue. In addition, Darwin has experience creating customized software prototypes for prospective clients, teaching formal training classes, and serving as a dedicated customer support resource for key clients.

Darwin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University. Some of the companies he has worked with include IBM, Met Life, The Bank of New York, Health Management Systems, CP International, United Illuminating, and Gartner. He has Project Management certifications and has won awards for outstanding service while working for previous employers. Darwin likes to stay abreast of how Information Technology is changing the way businesses serve their customers and supports local organizations for the arts.